Although a significant part of the our experience is based on past activities of individual partners, since the end of 1999 the company has acquired a significant number of references:

Restructuring and management support:

  • ROMO, a.s.- Cost analysis and promotion of the changes in production and trade, financial restructuring and promotion of the court settlement of the creditors, finding an investor;
  • Auto Motol BENI - assistance during infinancial restructuring and negotiations with creditors, banks and business partners
  • valuation and financial restructuring of the  Z - Group steel companies (Veselí Ironworks, Hrádek Ironworks, Chomutov Ironworks, VT Chomutov, Ferromet, Ferra, ČMOVS, Noval)
  • VÍTKOVICE a.s.- support of the strategic and financial management of the group of companies controlled by Vitkovice a.s.
  • RESTA s.r.o. - obtaining of the financial resources needed for the business plan implementation,
  • Metal Plast, Rýmařov - analysis of the business plan and enforcement of the financial restructuring, negotiations with creditors,
  • Ing. Miroslav Puš - Linia -  financial restructuring of the liabilities,
  • První bobová s.r.o. - obtaining of  the financial resources needed for the business plan implementation,
  • DCI s.r.o. - company takeover, out-of-the-court settlement of creditors,
  • RENDL sví­tidla s.r.o. -  company takeover, financial and material restructuring, valuation and measures to facilitate restructuring of related entities of Charouz Group (about 40 companies, mainly dealers and services of Ford, Skoda, Mercedes, as well as ABA -Air, Jihostroj Velešín, JawaMoto, BPA).

 Municipal clients:

  • City of Prague - technological and legal auditing of public procurement system;
  • Municipal Authority of Prague 1 - technological and legal auditing of public procurement system;
  • Prague Water Company, a.s. - Procedural, legal and economic analysis of the company with an emphasis on public procurement system;
  • Regional Authority of the South Bohemia - analysis of the property insurance of the South Bohemia Regional Authority and assessment of the insurance brokers activities;
  • City of Pilsen - Pilsen Holding, a.s. - evaluation and analysis of the legal steps taken by Pilsen Holding, a.s. in the local construction company after the death of its partner;
  • City of Příbram - analysis of economic and legal situation of water and heating services in the city, valuation of the city assets in the utility companies, adjustment of the city status within the regional association of municipalities;
  • City of Příbram - preparation and organization of re-tender for the new operator of the water assets of the City of Příbram;
  • City of Pilsen - Pilsen Holding a.s. (municipal company) - valuation of municipal cable television company PILSKABEL;
  • City of Mníšek pod Brdy - Interest association of legal persons "VOK" - audit and legal advice on the financing of the VOK strategic investments;
  • Čeladná - property and economic restructuring, asset management of the community.

 Investment advice:

  • HEAD Sport s.r.o. - the world's second largest sporting goods manufacturer  - purchase mandate to buy assets of the Czech Railways;
  • BNP Paribas - international Bank - purchase mandate to buy Union Group;
  • POTEZ CZ s.r.o. - purchase mandate and ensuring the credit for the purchase of ZVU POTEZ, one of the largest Czech producers of technology for sugar mills and breweries;
  • K + R Project - representative of Penny Market chain in the Czech Republic - purchase mandate for Turnov Meat Company s.r.o.;
  • Minerva a.s. - an exclusive distributor of enterprise software products of NPG-Pro - purchase mandate;
  • JITONA a.s. - purchase of receivables from the ČKA and the negotiation of conditions of entry into Tuskulum, the largest domestic furniture manufacturer;
  • Magnum a.s. - purchase of receivables of Mora Moravia, the stove manufacturer, of  from ČKA;
  • Ostrava Bottling Company a.s. - purchase of receivables from ČKA and the National Property Fund and assistance in controlling VÍTKOVICE, a.s.;
  • Modřany Pipeline Company, a.s. - one of the largest domestic suppliers of technologies for power and gas industry - sales mandate;
  • ATHIS Imaging a.s. - the second largest printing company for large formats - sales mandate;
  • Lyonnaisse des Eaux - international water company - a share of purchase mandate to buy the Prague water company;
  • Pilsen Holding a.s. - support during negotiations on the sale of Pilskabel shares.

Process analysis, reengineering, evaluation, audits and assessments:

  • process analysis and design of reengineering of STMEM and Moravskoslezská elektromontážní;
  • process analysis and reengineering design of Elektrovod Bratislava;
  • process analysis and design reengineering of SINIT and ePRIM;
  • process analysis and design reengineering of Ligmet;
  • valuation of the group ČKD (ČKD Praha Holding, ČKD Dopravní systémy, ČKD Praha, ČKD Choceň, Carborundum Electrite, ČKD DIZ) for the Consolidation Bank;
  • valuation of the portfolio of principal claims of Union Bank for BNP Paribas;
  • valuation of První brněnská strojírna - PBS (PBS holding, PBS DIZ, PBS Metall, PBS Třebíč) for imAGe a.s.;
  • valuation of "Tchecomalt" related group (about 13 companies of malting division and ZZN) for CSOB;
  • valuation of claims for state financial institutions and the Czech Consolidation Agency KONPO (Truck Trade, Auto Prim Pardubice, Auto Prim Hradec Králové, Evona, Massag, Muller Sport Velkoobchod, Muller Sport Bohemia, ZD Leština, JSJ, Cacovické prům. závody, Exbio, Luna Mělník, Koželužny, Dřevokombinát Břeclav, Aspekta, MOSS);
  • valuation of the portfolio of receivables owned by ČSOB managed Vltavín leasing;
  • evaluation and analysis for further steps of PGRLF (ZZN Nový Jičín, Mykodružstvo Bitozeves);
  • valuation of municipal property shares and analysis of the opportunities for the dealing with funds of Pilsen Holding (Pilskabel, Pilsner communication);
  • valuation and analysis for individual private clients (ZVÚ Potez, Maso Turnov, Auto Motol Beni, Autocentrum Motol, Metal Plast Rýmařov, Athis imaging, Eclipse, ZZN Praha, ZZN Pardubice, Galvos, Škoda Steel – modelárna, Bateria Slaný, Bonex Teplice, Resta Praha, Modřanská potrubní, Ligmet);
  • audit and legal advice on the financing of strategic investments of the Association of legal entities "VOK" - Mníšek pod Brdy;
  • activities for the City of Příbram - a legal analysis of documents related to the
    activities of water and heating company, valuation of the city assets in the utility companies and management support.

UNION BANKA a.s., in liquidation - liquidator

Environmental Services:

  • Kovohutě Povrly - negotiation of additional closure of environmental agreements with the NPF;
  • Jihočeské dřevařské závody - analysis of environmental issues;
  • MĚĎ Povrly - Support the construction of wastewater treatment plants;
  • Vitkovice a.s. - Management of the area of environmental remediation in the group Vitkovice;
  • City of Příbram - assistance in negotiations related to the construction of wastewater treatment.

Support for PR, sales and lobbying - these services are usually associated with the contracts referred above or it is not in the client's interest to publish this work as reference cases. As a separate references can be mentioned:
activities in marketing and promoting sales of products Consygen,

  • activities in marketing and promoting sales of products Consygen,
  • activities in marketing and promoting sales of products Ultraseal,
  • activities in marketing and product support sales of IDEXX Laboratories.


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