Funds of the European Union and the Czech Republic

For those interested in obtaining subsidies from EU and CZ funds we offer an assistance in the preparation of necessary documents for the grant application. Our services include preparation of the tenders according by the rules for obtaining the grants. Competitions are always prepared in accordance with Act No. 137/2006 Coll. on public contracts and conditions of the particular grant program. We can help our clients in negotiating a loan to finance the project, including a loan for covering the possible involvement plan.

Finally, we also offer assistance in managing during the implementation of the project, including preparation of required monitoring reports.

We are able and prepared to search a suitable program of supportfor your plan. Based on an analysis of your project, the type of applicant and a particular type of grant program, we can estimate the probability of success in obtaining the grant. Subsequently, following an analysis of the subsidy plan, we are ready to prepare a grant application and all necessary attachments (feasibility study, business plan and other requirements).

We can guarantee that the request processed by us successfully passes the control of formal acceptance. Equally important fact for our clients is that the maximum part of our reward will be a part of eligible project costs. Our key advantage primarily is the quality of our team. The VALUE ADDED team consists of experts on the issue of subsidies from EU funds. In the team there also are renowned economists, lawyers, analysts and experts in project management.

Do you have a plan and do not know where to start?

Send us an information on your project plan. We will elaborate fundamental analysis and proposal for your future steps in the project. Then you can decide for yourself whether you use our services.




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