Are you an owner, manager, or creditor of a company which is in trouble or in danger of bankruptcy? VALUE ADDED can help. After the first analysis of the company, assets and liabilities, business plan and main contracts, we will suggest a project of revitalization and of strenghtening the company, we will recommend a method for dealing with costs to master the crisis and we will negotiate with creditors, fellow-owners, banks and potential investors the proposal for financial restructuring, the project of capitalization of non-payable liabilities, or we shall suggest contractual or compulsory composition. We will negotiate a change of terms of commercial and non-commercial contracts for you, which represent the highest risks for the announcement of bankruptcy proceedings, we shall help you to reduce or, on the contrary, to enlarge the production segments which highly affect cash-flow, and we shall propose measures in the area of business and minimalization of stocks. Should you be interested, we would find an investor for you, who will ensure restructuring at his own overhead expense. Until the investor enters your company, the representatives of VALUE ADDED can temporarily strengthen the management and directly participate in the management of problematic areas.


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